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Yah Will rise up a People!!!


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What we do

Here at YH Ma'am Builders We have a variety of Transitional services that We will be offering to help ease the transition of Our communities from overall middle class to poor/destitute status into a more Vibrant and Thriving one long term!

We are currently in negotiations to acquire & develop real estate properties as well as a preliminary Facility to house Our program providing homeless/transitional housing services.

The initial facility will also house Our Trade School in development as well.  At the school, We will be developing individuals in all manner construction and other professional trade skills.  School will consist of both classroom as well as On The Job Training (OTJT).

Within the initial Facility, there will of course be a Dining area.  This will be a state of the art kitchen/dining facility that will have Take Out & Delivery services attached to it.  It will also serve the foundation for an actual Food Development/Packaging and Distribution Center for Our own proprietary brand of vegan food products.

Executive Office Management services

Need a 'corporate office' to handle a majority of your backend administrative functions for your business?  Inquire of these services to increase the overall bottom line of your business.

Have lost assets in need of recovery?  You have reached the Right place!  Our AR agents work in teams to Ensure your assets are recovered in a most efficient and timely manner.

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Need a plumber, a mechanic, electrician or any other Professional Service Provider?  With Our network of over 900 service providers, We can Definitely get the job Done!  No matter the size!


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